Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Mystery Project

These little stitched robots have been made in response to The Art House Coops Mystery Project. Artists receive a Prismacolour pen and a "theme" to respond to. They then have to install their artwork somewhere for a stranger to find! My theme was "Help! The robots are taking over the local elementary school!" I decided to make some robots and sketched them using my yellow Prismacolour pen, then copy these robot sketches onto fabric and embroider them. I then gave them funky feet and will be installing ( hiding) them somewhere tomorrow, haven't decided where yet so if anyone has any good ideas let me know! I then have to tweet photos of the robots in their chosen places! Look out for the tweet and if you happen to come across one of these little robots please take him home and look after him - and let me know he's been found and is safe!


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