Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stash Raider Quilt

I have raided my stash! I have a large drawer where I keep all the ends of fabric left over from other projects. I never seem to use the bits in this drawer and the collection has been growing and growing. So I had a mad hour or two this morning where I emptied the drawer out, pressed all the fabric then set to work with my rotary cutter. I chopped everything up, there is nothing left - eek! It is all now laid out on my studio floor waiting to be stitched together to make a stash raider quilt. Not all the fabrics quite go with each other but it's interesting to see all the different fabrics I have used over the last few years and to see that there are a lot of blues and browns! I am now determined to buy more patterned, brighter fabrics so the next time I get the urge to chop all my stash up the resulting quilt will be more striking! I will keep posting photos as I work through putting the quilt together so you can see how it tuns out.

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