Thursday, 16 August 2012

From sketch to stitch

Have been working on my sketch of a local barn today. I have shown the sketch I made a couple of weeks ago and then the stitched version underneath. Over the last few months I have been working on making my stitching look more like my sketching and have been using just black threads on linen base to imitate paper. I was working on two stitched versions at the same time and unfortunatley had a bit of a disaster with one of the pieces of work. After stitching I decided that one needed enhancing with some brown acrylic which I promptly spilt all over my work table. I mopped it up and picked up the pot and spilt it all again! After cleaning up again I then popped some on the embroidered sketch but I think I got a bit carried away and it was too brown!!! Should have left the paint alone today I think!
I have rinsed this piece through to see if I can salvage it - am just waiting for it to dry now to see what it looks like. Needless to say the paints have been put safely away!!



  1. This is lovely! I had a similar incident recently where I rested a newly covered journal (with beautiful vintage postcard paper)in my green ink pad. The paper was so absorbent, the ink spread so much. I covered it with some lace in the end.

    Perhaps you can stitch some little bright flowers on the brown areas?


    1. Thank you Claire - supportive comments as always! I have rinsed the piece through a few times and the overload of paint has come out - its sort of sepia tinted one and I think looks ok - will pass it in front of my husband when he gets in and he'll give me an honest opinion.