Saturday, 23 June 2012

Engagement gift and more sketchbook work

Engagement pressie for a friend who was proposed to in a vintage VW camper van - Congratulations to you both!!

Have been getting stuck into my sketchbooks this week. I have a few on the go at once so I can flit between them. This picture is from my "stone" sketchbook and is a chalk lifted base on cartridge paper with additional pencil work then hand stitching on top. It is based on some photos I took at Etal Castle in Northumberland where the stone is really amazing colours.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sketchbook time

Spending the afternoon playing in my sketchbook - got my papers, glue stick, ink, paint and pencils out and of course my trusty Bernina is threaded up ready to stitch - fun!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A patchwork of love


Here are some pictures of the memory quilt. This was commissioned for a special birthday from a daughter to her mum. It is such a lovely piece with the panels embroidered with personal sayings, messages and quotes. The centre panel is an embroidered family tree and there are three pockets with the grandchildrens names on which each hold handwritten memories transferred onto fabric and stitched to look like old fashioned handkerchieves. There is a hand print panel and fingerprints by another part of the family. It's all finished off with buttons and is hand tied. One of the quotes embroidered on the quilt says "A patchwork of love" - which sums this quilt up perfectly!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

All wrapped up

Here's the memory quilt all wrapped up ready for delivery - I am excited!!

Birthday hearts

Have embroidered this "Happy Birthday" heart to go with the memory quilt which I have just finished this morning. The quilt is beautiful and I am really pleased with it. It is being collected tonight so I will post some photos of it when I get back into the studio on Thursday. Let's hope recipient loves it as much as I do!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Memory quilts

I have been working on a memory quilt today which is to be a gift from a daughter to her much loved mum on a special birthday. We have incorporated favourite sayings and lovely quotes, hand prints, pockets to fill with messages and the centre panel is an embroidered family tree. It has been a very busy and long day but I have been stitching with a lump in my throat at times thinking of the lucky recipient and how she will feel looking at all these lovely memories and thoughts that her daughter holds of her. It also struck me what a powerful thing a quilt can be - not only will the recipient be able to read the messages of love but she will be able to wrap herself up in them as well. I will post some photos in a few days but really want to let my customer see the quilt top before I share it.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Open studio apprentices


Fun day in the studio today with my junior apprentices sketching, painting and machine embroidering glam fairies - excellent work girls - you should be proud of yourselves! Studio open Tuesday from 11 - 4 if anyone wants to join in the fun!

Purple fairy girl

Purple fairy girl painted and embroidered and made into a cushion! We had a mini workshop in the studio on Saturday drawing and painting these ladies. Have a look at the photo below for the results. Don't forget that the studio is open Monday and Tuesday from 11 till 4 as part of Bradford Open for Art - come and visit us!