Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tidy studio ...

Completed at last - Echoes of the Past - the first (hopefully) of a series of embroideries on sheers. This has been photographed in a window, the pic below shows it against a cream wall.

I have been very busy tidying the studio over the last few days after the chaos of getting ready for Art in the Pen. It's lovely and clean and fairly organised today which has obviously made it a more productive place for me to work as this piece has been waiting for me to finish it for a little while!

I met some really lovely people at Art in the Pen and received lots of comments about my work. I was also asked whether I would be prepared to run workshops. This is something I have been thinking of for a while. I will keep you posted when I have had chance to think a bit further and done a bit of research into what people might be interested in doing - free motion embroidery, hand embroidery, temari balls ... I have posted a photo below - what do you think?



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