Friday, 21 September 2012

Studio window display

Spent ages yesterday re jigging my studio window display. We have got some building work going on at the moment which eventually will be an extension to the studio but this obscures the window a bit. I find it difficult to know what to put into my window which leads to my inability at the moment to define what I actually do - if I say textile art people invariably ask what that is then walk off with a puzzled look! Embroidery is what I do - machine and hand - but I also make quilts, cushions, gifts things -in fact anything involving fabric and thread. I have also over the past 5 years run art workshops in primary schools which have been very varied, anything from looking at and recreating Tiffany lamps, to ice sculpture workshops. I am trying to sort out that definition so that I can revamp my website, and get some advertising sorted so more people are aware of where I am and what I do. I am also working on a couple of workshops around hand and machine embroidery. I just don't seem to have enough time to do everything (or anything most days!). Any suggestions ? ....

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