Thursday, 5 July 2012


Bertie the Sheep -pencil sketch - featured in Sketchbook Peeks

I think it's been a while since I properly updated my blog and here have been a couple of exciting things happening. Firstly I was featured on Sue Bulmer's blog last week as part of her Sketchbook Peeks series. or for her website if you want to have a look - there are other artists sketchbooks featured as well - Sue's work is beautiful and well worth having a look at, she is an illustrator and does fab pics of birds.

This weekend I am taking two pieces of work up to The Station in Richmond for the Another Spot on the Wall exhibition which is running over the summer months. Lorraine - sheep study - is pictured below.

It was my sister in laws birthday this week and she had mentioned that she rather liked the picnic blanket I had made for Granny the other week - so a trip to Quilting Antics in Settle to pick up some fabrics and I hurriedly pulled together another picnic blanket, this time with matching cushions - she was very pleased with her present!


Finally, today I have been working on a commission for one of my stitched sketches - I have pictured it below as a work in progress - I have run out of thread so will have to have another trip to the shops!



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